Light weight school bags for Students

Light weight school backpacks.


There’s no denying that school-going children are very fond of their school bags. They love flaunting their styles with their school bags treating it as their constant companion. After all, school bags carry all the notebooks, water bottles and other essentials throughout the entire year. However amidst the craze for school bags, while looking for the ideal school bags for boys and girls, you often ignore the quality and fit, and go for the designs you like. Though going for the design is good, compromising the quality creates a big problem. If you carry a bigger and heavier school bag in proportion to your body weight, it gives you back and shoulder pain. Thus, investing in the right school bag is a must. With Trawow, you get your preferred designs of school bags that are good quality and fit. We have got a wide range of affordable, cool, colorful, lightweight functional school bags, complimenting your comfort at Trawow. Light weight school bags for students

school bags that fit Before selecting a school bag, you have to look into some points. The first point is selecting the right size for you when you are shopping for a school bag online, or school bag for girls and boys. A larger school bag can be your first choice, but it often leads to back pain if you stuff it too much. The best thing to do is selecting the right size that compliments your body shape, and gives you comfort. You can select from our collection of school bags that are right in size and not only spacious but lightweight. They have padded shoulder straps and back to give you just the right comfort whenever you carry it. Children want to buy bags that have colourful designs matching their taste. Once you come across the collection of Trawow school bags, you can easily narrow down options to your favourite one.

The second point of concern is the number of compartments the school bags consist of. This thought comes to your mind when you are buying school bags online or at a store. Trawow’s school bags have dedicated laptop compartments and mesh water bottle holders along with multiple compartments to store your other essentials like notebooks, tiffin, keys. As our school bags are for every age group, some include an USB interface with built-in cable charger and headset ports too for your convenience. 

The third point is when you’re browsing school bags online or at a store, take a closer look at the zippers of the bag. While reviewing the zippers, you need to make sure the zippers are sturdy and easy to open and close. With Trawow, we assure you of high quality zippers and you get warranty from our end on our school bags.  

Are you looking for a reliable school bag that is cool, stylish, comfortable and fun for school? Then you don’t have to look further. Explore the collections of cool, colorful, lightweight functional school bags, complimenting your comfort at Trawow. Our range of school bags contains space for everything you carry and is very affordable.  We have a range for all age groups and we design school bags giving attention to every detail. With Trawow school bags, you get a companion for school, a friend for years and a style setting trend. Once you’ve settled on your choice of school bag that fits all your essentials and belongings giving you a great look, you will know that you’re ready for school! We have made it easier for you to shop school bags online from the comfort of your home or even when you are somewhere else.


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