How to pack your backpack effectively


How to pack your backpack effectively for a short trip! Whether you’re packing for a camping trip or a for any excursion or hiking trip, Packing a backpack carries a totally different skill set than packing a suitcase. We need to put things in the right place in a backpack to avoid inconveniences later and for effective packing we need to have a backpack that has got sufficient compartments and is lightweight on your shoulders. We at Trawow, aim to enrich Travel experiences for our users, our backpack can be your best mate. Both ideal for men and women, our fashionable backpacks are a girl’s best friend and the lightweight and durability of those compliments a boy’s travelling experience. While you search for everyday bags, hiking backpack, backpack for girls and lightweight backpack, we understand what you need, so we intersect technology and lifestyle by bringing you designs that are not just comfortable but also trendy and fashionable. If you’re planning for a beach vacation or a family trip, you can easily throw your belongings in a bag and set out, but for hiking trips, camping trips it is different, because you will need to carry your backpack for several hours, days, or maybe weeks hence balance and comfort are must and equivalent. Packing your backpack keeping all these in mind makes it safer. So, before planning a trip, we need to know how to pack your backpack effectively ? Trawow has an answer to this question, here is a sneak peak to some tips that can help you pack your backpack effectively. You’ll also understand how our backpacks can be an ideal match for your trips.
how to pack your backpack effectively for a short trip

Backpacking and hiking


Firstly, Try to minimize the load:

Prepare a checklist

Before starting to pack your backpack, lay out all the things you have taken out for the trip and understand whether you really need it or not. You need to shed off extra weight, so that while travelling, your shoulders and back don’t hurt. Our Trawow backpacks are designed in such a way that everything stays put and your shoulders have a light feeling while travelling. The Tractum suspension straps reduce load on your shoulders and the multiple compartments help you stay organized with your stuff. Our backpacks also come with separate padded laptop compartments, making it ideal for workaholics and business travelers.


Secondly, you need to pack everything in the right place:
It is better to understand when you will be needing which stuff during your trip. While travelling, you need various items and you must pack your backpack in an organized way so that when you need a particular thing, you know which compartment or area you need to unload. Our travel backpacks give you a solution to this problem, our backpacks and daypacks have multiple compartments helping you put every stuff in the right place while you are going out for a weekend trip, a solo trip or travelling with your friends. While packing, you must know where to pack your jackets and shoes and where to keep your torch, so that when you need it, you find it easily. To make packing your backpack easier, imagine that your backpack has got three zones, one for the lightweight items, another for the medium weight items and last for the heavy weight items. While thinking what to put where and how to pack, these zones will help you segregate the items according to their weight. Pack the heavier things in the middle so that neither the load in the bottom drags you downwards, nor the load in the top pulls you back. This is easier with compartments, at trawow you get backpacks that are easy to carry, full of compartments, and functional.
Protecting your backpack from rain:
Rain cover
While travelling, you need to be ready for every weather change you face and we can help you with that, our backpacks come with rain/dust cover, so when you are stuck in rain during your trip, we have got you covered or you can say, the rain cover with your trawow backpack keeps you covered. This feature adds to your comfort because it does not make your stuff wet during rain, so you have nothing to worry about.
Remember to implement 2 C’s in your packing your backpack journey, those are comfort and convenience. You must pack your backpack in a comfortable manner for travelling and the packing must be convenient for you, so that when you search for something you get it easily.Do not forget to keep a toiletry kit organizer bag with your backpack so that when you require your toiletries, you don’t have to unload your backpack. While selecting a backpack, understand how much space you actually need, you can select daypacks, backpacks and travel packs as per your convenience. Our backpacks, daypacks are sized for multi-day adventures and are multi-purpose, we have designed backpacks keeping your comfort in mind and making it easier to carry heavy weight and still feel light on your shoulders and back. Our range of backpacks is designed to fit every body and is ideal for everywhere you travel. So next time you plan a trip or travel anywhere, make sure you have a Trawow backpack to help you throughout the journey.

How to distribute your load in backpack

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